Financial Assistance Policy

SMH Community Care Application(for reduced monthly payments)

It is the policy of Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital (SMH) to provide medically necessary services to all patients regardless of ability to pay.  The goal of the Business Office is to help all patients understand their medical bills and work with patients to set up the most fair and equitable payment plan for both the hospital and the patient.  SMH does not charge interest on any outstanding balances.

SMH offers the following financial services to assist patients with their bills:

Prompt Pay Discounts
A 10% prompt-pay discount will be given to all patients who pay their bill in full within 30 days of their first statement.  The statement will calculate the 10% discount and display the 90% due on the patient’s payment stub with the due date printed above it.

Uninsured Discounts
SMH will provide any uninsured patient an “uninsured discount” for medically necessary or emergency services.

The discount will be deducted and shown on the patient’s first statement.  Patients will be advised on their first statement to contact Patient Financial Services to set up a payment plan for the remaining balance.  Uninsured patients are eligible for the prompt-pay discount in addition to the uninsured discount.

Community Care
The Community Care Program is designed to help financially indigent patients by offering free or discounted care.  Below are the requirements for this program:

100% discount
1) Patients total household income must not exceed 200% of the National Federal Poverty Guidelines.
2) Patients must show a denial letter or an acceptance with a high spend down from Medical Assistance.
3) Patients must fill out and return a Community Care Application and submit all required documentation.
4) Total equity of all personalassets (excluding patient’s home and one primary vehicle) cannot be greater than $20,000.

Once approved, the patient will be covered for six months.  Procedures that are considered not medically necessary, experimental, or cosmetic by the government or third‐party payers are not eligible for Community Care discounts. Cardiac Rehab Phase III services are deemed an exception to this exclusion.

Medically Indigent
Patients will be considered medically indigent by SMH if the private pay portion of their medical bill exceeds 25% of their annual household income due to catastrophic costs or conditions for medically necessary or emergency services.  SMH will reduce their medical bill to equal 10% of their annual household income.

Patients will need to provide the following documentation to the Patient Financial Counselor to be considered for eligibility:

1)  A copy of their most recent federal income tax return
2)  A denial letter from Medical Assistance (in some circumstances this may be obtained through a phone call from DHS)
3)  A signed Affirmation of Financial Disclosure form presented to them during financial counseling.Elective or Schedule Procedures
Patients will be required to meet with Patient Financial Services prior to all elective, non-covered services.  The financial counselor will give the patient an estimated cost of the service and a 25% down payment will be required at that time.  In addition, patients will be required to set up a payment plan with the counselor to pay for the remaining balance.Payment Plans
SMH offers interest free payment plans to all patients.  The payment plans are shown below.
Hospital Bill Amount Standard Plan
Monthly Payment
Reduced Plan
Monthly Payment
  $0 – $1,500         $  50         $  25
$1,501 – $  3,000         $  75         $  50
$3,001 – $  5,000         $100         $  75
$5,001 – $  7,000         $150         $100
$7,001 – $10,000         $175         $125
>$10,000         $200         $150

Based on a patient’s current financial status obtained through financial counseling with the patient, the Patient Financial Counselor will determine which plan is appropriate for the patient.
Actions for Unpaid Accounts
SMH will work with patients to set up payment plans for the patient portion of their medical bill.  Hospital statements are sent out on a monthly cycle.  If a patient makes no payment after three statements, they will be notified with a letter to contact SMH to make payment arrangements.  If contact is not established and payment arrangements completed at this time, a final warning letter will be issued prior to placement of the account with a collection agency.  SMH will make every
effort throughout this process to contact the patient.


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